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Re: You should switch

I think you don't actually understand my point of view, otherwise you wouldn't be continuously giving me the advice to switch.

I'd switch if there were a camera with everything I want. I'd do that even if I have an investment in a system that can't sell on second hand market, like NX.

The fact is, I repeat this, that NO CAMERA has all the options I'd like.

NX300 is very good, so I'm not talking bad of your beloved camera, simply it's not perfect. Is it bad trying to have Samsung to improve it? You seem scared that Samsung could do something to improve this camera...why?

As to Galaxy NX, it's a huge wrong step and you'll see this in few months, when the price will drop by 50% or more, after almost nobody bought it.

Why? Simply because there does not exist a market for such a frankenstein product and probably will never exist (I mean for that specific product, with its huge limits and not for a camera with a computer inside). I remember an article here on DPR talking about odd cameras of the past (that were innovative, in some ways, but didn't sell well and remained a dead end). Well, I bet whatever you want that a camera of this kind w/o physical controls, will be in that list.

And more: I'm afraid. Why? Since Samsung was on the right track with NX100 (very nice camera, with optional EVF) and NX300 (even if they did the very wrong move of getting rid of optional EVF). If they get a totally different route, the NX line will soon disappear.

Last. You say that the poll got few answers. Right! But it's the NX system that gets few interest by many and is hated by many. Why? For samsung behaviour. It does not listen to users, it goes straight in doing what they think is right even when the market proves against it.

The NX could have been #1 mirrorless system if there were a good traditional camera with a very good EVF. The nx20 was as slow as a turtle and NX300 that's noticeably faster and better featured does not have an optional EVF. I bought the NX300 since I already had a lot of lenses, and I didn't like the nx200 (while I liked the nx100 very much).

As said I won't buy a nx400 or nx30, if it does not solve the tiny buffer issue and does not implement a gorgeous EVF in it.

p.s.: you advise to switch. Please advise also towards which system, giving the same features of NX300 + EVF + huge buffer + same primes and pancakes. Thanks.

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