XF 23f1.4 first findings and test shots

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Re: XF 23f1.4 first findings and test shots

ryan2007 wrote:

From this it seems to me this 23mm 1.4 does very well at F 2.8 - f 4.0 which is typical with many lenses so far as being stopped down a couple stops to get to optimum sharpness.

IMO and of course I am making a judgement call, but the 23mm 1.4 is a waste of $900 IF you have the 18-55 f 2.8 - f 4.0.

With that 18-55 lens you should be pretty close to the same f 2.8 at the same 23 mm focal length if not it is a minor adjustment to shutter speed, ISO or exposure compensation.

The difference with the impending 56 mm 1.2 I think would make more of a difference compared to the zoom counterpart at the 55 mm f 4.0 or even the 60 mm 2.4 focal length.

I am sure this 23 mm is a great lens and unless you are a all prime lens shooter I think the more bang for the buck is the 18-55 zoom lens and is over lap to own both. I would pull the 18-55 first vs the 23 mm prime.

If the 18-55 was a f 4.0 - f 5.6 that would be completely different and the 23 mm prime makes more sense with the greater difference in light gathering ability.

It will be a rare occasion you need f 1.4, but it seems like (right now) it is over lap to the Fuji 18-55 zoom.

Please stop tying to compare a zoom lens to a fast prime. They are completely different animals. I own the 18-55. It's a good lens for a zoom and I do use it occasionally, but when my 23 gets here I will consider the 18-55 to be completely redundant in my system and it will hit the 'bay.

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