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Ah.. I see, you've already have a perfect camera in mind. If I were in your shoe, I'll make a switch. I will not live by with a camera system where I am unhappy about, where I'll be expressing my dislike about it everyday.

But don't jump on Pentax wagon yet, you'll be more disappointed than what you have already experienced with Samsung. I'm not saying Pentax was bad, it is good in actual. But the problem is most of camera enthusiasts (including all my camera club friends), for the past 20-25 years, some would only uses a Pentax camera for a short while and they quickly switched to Canon, Nikon or Olympus. If I recalled well, the more recent guy about 1.5 years ago, bought a brand new Pentax just for 3 months and has decided to switched to Canon DSLR. Why? As Pentax users definitely don't enjoy the same luxury of brand recognition and Pro-feel among friends or in the public. The End!

Anyway, I think I can understand your pain given you've already invested quite a amount of Samsung NX lenses. But I've think you make a wrong decision to invest into Samsung NX camera, which you did not see what's coming ahead. In this regards, I have totally different piece of mind when picking up Samsung NX300 camera.

I'd saw Samsung growing interest in camera system when they released Android based Galaxy Camera. Then I look up for their history to evaluate what they had done in the past, including they team up with Pentax and Rollei, the NX camera line and their lenses IQ and the price they are selling them. I've even predicted Galaxy NX DSLM camera is coming after Galaxy Camera showed up in the news. All Samsung moves was so innovative and promising as oppose to "traditional camera makers", so there was the time when I finally decided to invest more into Samsung NX camera system. I have experienced and owned enough "traditional camera & lenses" it is time for me to move on to something new.

There you go, Samsung are not a traditional camera maker. And I've choosed to believe that Samsung camera business style was largely base on their huge Smarter Smartphones customer. So I can imagine they going to release bigger chunk of newer model camera with newer approach where by not in the direction of being just another "old traditional camera, where that market keep shrinking each and every year goes by".

And if you look around what was happening among the Japs camera makers, they're actually struggling very hard to survive, except for the Oly top executives, they try hard to cheat money with lower cost camera that selling at high price and also through business fraud.

Last but not least, your continuious in claiming that there's a weak point in current Sasmung NX camera system may not be valid for others. All cameras in this world have weak points, including the latest Nikon D610, Canon 70D, Pentax K-3 and many more.

Also, with your very small scale of polling results, it did not hold up as a true result. I also believed that there's many DPR ppl did not wanted to participate in something that they have no interest at all. And that was just DPR Samsung talk alone, without the rest of the world and ppl in different languages.

Or maybe you want to try start similar polling thread in all DPR camera brand talk. Only by then, your polling result might hold more concrete evident to which camera that most DPR camera enthusiasts prefer.

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