Obama makes an offer to negotiate but Bonehead refuses...

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Re: Obama makes an offer to negotiate but Bonehead refuses...

vadimraskin wrote:

Brian wrote:

Looks like BO offered talks after the GOP opens the Government and agrees to SHORT-TERM debt ceiling increase. his offer even allows to set a mechanism for future debt extensions. What does Bonehead do? No guesses here: refuges again. He is now the even deeper sht than before. I hope everyone sees the GOP tactwhey your what they really are: pure extortion and hostage-taking. The hostage in this case is the whole country!

Just because BO opens his mouth does not mean he is willing to negotiate. What he is willing to offer only helps him.

How? And since when is America in Civil war? I thought we are supposed to be working together to improve the country, not score political victories.

civil war?  don't know anything about a civil war.  I do know a piece of law that was written by Democrats for Democrats, but affects all Americans.

I have dozens of friends who's health care cost are dramatically increasing next year.  I only know a couple that have even looked into BO care.

How is this any better than the system we have?  It isn't.  It isn't a step in the right direction either.  The right on the other hand has had their opportunities to fix this, but they haven't so they are just as bad.

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