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Re: To each his own Tom

cgarrard wrote:

Thorsten Overgaard practically made his career using the Digilux 2 - a 5mp digicam with a decade old sensor. Sometimes using equipment that is less adequate than newer models makes you think the photography process through more- equaling better images.

A photographer learns how to make the equipment work for him, not excuses why it doesn't.

I'm with him on that, 100%.

I like using the GX100, limitations and all.

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I never said that I didn't like the GX.  In fact I would never part with my GX100 and I enjoy using it.  It always surprises me how well it images.

But the fact is that it must have sold so badly that Ricoh stopped making it.

I can only trawl my memory banks but at the time of the GX200 owners were angling for something to beat the LX4/5 (cannot remember which) list of features.  Quite a few Ricoh owners abandoned the brand then including one of my sons who bought the LX.  At the time I cared nought about the LX after having the LX1 immediately before my original GRD.  The GRD did not have the LX1 lengthy list of specifications (zoom, image stabilisation, etc) but imaged very well and was a joy to use.

So I still think that specifications and marketing sell.  I was never enticed back to the LX and continue to enjoy the GX100 when I get it out for a run.  However I think that Panasonic had made it pretty plain that it was going to out-specify, out market and undercut the price of anything Ricoh was going to make the GX into.

However years later the GX still has its band of loyal followers but I doubt if the then LX model is similarly revered.

My thoughts are that the heat in that niche of the market is simply either lack of interest by buyer with mobile phones or heavy marketing and showcase presence.  Today I think that the GX would have to face up to the current LX and also the RX100.

Compared to their flashy specifications anything that Ricoh might make would seem rather tame even though anyone that saw beyond the hype has always found that Ricoh products iamge beyond more specification.  Even on here some have tried the RX100 and have come back simply because it is not an over-friendly camera to use.  I don't think anyone has said that the RX100 is not a good camera otherwise.

I think that Ricoh must also have a limited number of personnel to design and produce new cameras.  Perhaps at the time the GXR and the GRDIII were under way - I am glad that they did not dilute their attention by trying to make a GX300 that might be able to complete with the popular features of the LX of the day.  Ricoh would surely have not won the war for the hearts and minds of those just wanting a mass-popular short zoom small sensor carry about that had to be fairly cheap and tick all the boxes - like a fast wide lens.

So the GX model was unique, it was a great camera, but Ricoh had ventured outside its usual niche and met a big bully after market share.

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