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Re: On the Ltd zoom and the long zoom....

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Barry,

Thanks. You're dead right - don't know how I missed that. That having been said, I still can't see why they'd produce another 18-35-ish zoom lens and compete with the Sigma Art 18-35/1.8. The Limiteds have all been primes so far, and small and high grade is the general sense in which they're seen by Pentax owners. I'm not sure that a Limited zoom makes a lot of sense. And would it be APSC or FF when they're considering the development of an FF camera?

That has been puzzling me for a long time. Unless there is something very special about that "DA Zoom Limited", it doesn't appear to have a clear purpose. Sigma came out with something very special, and credit to them.

It would seem better to me (a mere enthusiast not running a camera manufacturing company) that it would be better to turn priorities toward lenses we really need : the TC, the WA zoom, a good DA* (not DA) zoom out to 400mm, and a suite of FF lenses if they are indeed heading in that direction.

I'll buy that! (Both the principle, and also some of the items, especially the TC).

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