Nearly Opposite Reactions to the Latest News - Nikon vs Pentax

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Re: Nearly Opposite Reactions to the Latest News - Nikon vs Pentax

DarylK wrote:

I just spent a fair amount of time reviewing (you could call it snooping ) many of the comments posted here at DPR's News page related to the Nikon D610 (looks like a great camera to me) and the Pentax K-3 press releases and "First Impressions".

There is an amazing/surprising amount of negativity, even anger, over on the Nikon side - and by what appear to be mainly Nikon users. I didn't realize that the D600 was such a disaster (at least based on the reactions of those posting there). An example of what can happen if quality and/or customer service are found lacking.

If you had trouble with your D600 then I can understand a bit of bashing, but the D610 looks very good still. The K-3 Pentax looks a winner and I hope it rates a high DXO score when its sensor is rated. With the small format camera advances (Sony Rx100), every major manufacturer of APC sized sensors needs to keep up with the main stream and Pentax with Ricoh seem to have a good future out in front.

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