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solarider wrote:

"By contrast, the brand-new Pentax K-3 is revolutionary.".

Got my attention

read read read

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Yeah, when you see even a "first look" from folks who review essentially everything calling a new product development "revolutionary," that's saying something (but assuming the new K-3 LPF implementation works as promised -- and maybe even offers more customization down the line through firmware upgrades, as they suggested, it really IS)! Add to that this will be, as far as I know, the first and ONLY APS-C camera with a shutter rated for 200,000 cycles, and I think we can say the K-3, at least for a brief moment, here, looks like the most closest thing to a professional-level APS-C DSLR there is on the market.

Of course most of us already think the K-5 is, but in truth, for pure overall image quality,'s RAW sensor most recent ratings (as of an article I'm quoting from the October 2013 edition of Digital PhotoPro magazine) give the top four scores to four FF models, followed by some medium format and more FFs, with the first APS-C models not showing up until positions 12 and 13. Ratings were similar for High-ISO performance and other factors, even though (and I agree) as the article said... "There's more to image quality than the factors considers..."

This same article ("Battle of the DSLRs"), I might mention, however, listed 7 FF cameras, 18 APS-C models and 1 Four-Thirds model. NONE of the models listed were Panasonic or Fuji, but ALL FOUR current (as of the printing) Pentax models were included: K-5II/S was listed as ONE model, along with K-50, K-30 and K-500, and Pentax was the ONLY APS-C brand where ALL listed models had AF Fine adjustment available! I have to say, the article made me feel better about "the state of things" while waiting to see if the K-3 would materialize or not. It also indicated only ONE of the other 25 cameras would AF down to -3 EV (like the K-5/II/s), that being the Canon EOS 6D, BEMOANED (on behalf of pros), the fact that most FF cameras DON'T include pop-up flash (it said most would LOVE to have it for all the same reasons WE all love having it)!

They also mentioned that while the PRO DSLRs are "well sealed against moisture and dust, the primary "less costly" DLSRs with good weather-sealing are Pentax and "one staff member has successfully used his K-5 in the rain numerous times (with the DA*300mm F4 SDM lens, which is also marketed as weather resistant)."

The article never did seem to hit any real conclusions, other than those it glossed over early on about DxOMark ratings, but it certainly showed Pentax to have a fair number of PLUSES in the APS-C department.

At some point I'll see if I can find that online and post a link.

Here's a link to the entire article. I thought about giving it it's own thread. Maybe I should?


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