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Re: Not the shutter press AFAICS

A couple of notes on the experiment. My first task was to get reproducible effects.

- To get a steer, I filtered my Lightroom catalogue of around 13,000 snaps to show me all snaps with Olympus cameras at 1/60 to 1/125. Of the resulting 200 or so images, I couldn't see any shutter shock with the E-M5, but found two with the E-PL3, at 1/60 with the 45/1.8.

- It took me a while (about 8 hours over a couple of days) to get reproducible shutter shock (double image ghost in one direction) on the E-M5. It took 10 minutes with the E-PL3.

- I needed to hand-hold the E-M5 with just the right hand. Using my left hand in any way on the camera reduced (but did not eliminate) the effect, but the reduction was pretty good and the difference from a 1/8 sec anti-shake snap could easily be called subjective by anyone inclined to argue.

- I almost always use the E-M5 with both parts of the HDL-6 grip. I couldn't find shutter shock at first because I was looking in the wrong place, with exposure speeds of between 1/60 and 1/160. Turns out it was at 1/40.

- I only found it at 1/40 when I set the metering option to 1/3EV. With metering at 1/2EV, 1/40 wasn't on the list of possible speeds.

- When I took the grip off, I then wasted more time continuing to look for it at 1/40. It turned up at 1/80 without the grip. Again, 1/80 wasn't a speed on the menu when metering at 1/2EV.

- I started with the 45/1.8, and though I could get more or less blur at different speeds and different support with and without anti-shake, I couldn't reproduce it in a way that an objective viewer would be convinced. After a while I mounted the 60/2.8, and finally caught the whale...

- Amongst some future experiments (IBIS off, shutter delay, tripod mounting, etc) is to try and quantify the ghost displacement (in pixels, probably) with respect to the main image, and relate that to interesting variables (lens mass, etc). I don't know if it is coincidence, but the ghost displacement at 1/40 with grip seems to be around half of that seen at 1/80 without grip...

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