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Re: You should switch

Kenny, as said before I have a big investment (for me) in nx lenses that could not ne sold even at half price.

So I see nothing bad in trying to suggest a direction to samsung to avoid killing nx system. As you see by the other replies, most of the ppl are willing for updates in the 'traditiona' direction.

Besides, as yourself pointed out, there is nit a perfect camera. Right now, the Pentax K3 has the perfect set of features for me, but it's a big dslr and I don't want to go with that kind if tools. If they make a k-02 correcting the pst errors and implementing the sensor and features of k3, they could have a big winner.

But again, it would be very painfukl to me having to invest a big amount of money in a new set of primes.

So, as I already said, I'll stay with nx300 as long as:

1) samsung makes a decent camera with evf (with physical controls, decent buffer at least on par with ALL the other competitors, possibly an upgraded sensor from nx300)

2) if 1) does not happen in few years and other manufacturers create the perfect mirrorless for my needs

In the meantime, I'll point out every weakpoint I find in current nx line, so to help samsung to choose a wise direction (and this poll proves that galaxy nx is NOT the right direction).

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