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Re: You should switch

nx200super wrote:

I think Samsung NX 20 / 200/210/300 cameras and it's lens are great value for the money.

I think that's what's being overlooked here. The price / feature ratio of Samsung is hard to beat.

At least for lenses that's true, but as for the cameras it's a bit more complicated. Imo the msrp at launch is pretty high. After a while the prices drop and the cameras become more or less bargains. Of course that’s true for other brands as well but the difference is that Samsung has not yet established itself as a serious camera company. They seem to be trying to by releasing pretty serious cameras at pretty serious prices but so far this strategy hasn’t gained them much market share. The price fighter strategy may work better for them. After all that’s how Korean cars gained a nice market share: offering just a little less quality for a considerably lower price. It seems however that Samsung, being the electronics giant they are and leader in other markets, doesn’t want to take that route…

Sure, Samsung could produce the 'perfect' camera but it would come at a higher price. And I'm not sure I'd want to pay a premium price for a premium camera when I am getting a near premium camera for a great price.

For me, it doesn't have to be perfect, but they could easily produce a better camera that wouldn't break the bank. They already own a lot of the technology that's needed for that (bigger, faster buffer, EVF) but they seems reluctant to use it. Instead they release things like the NX300M....

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