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Re: So you want to switch, but you are afraid to lose money [Re: You should simply switch]

lol101 wrote:

zaurus wrote:

So you have no reason staying in the NX system besides being already in the system. And you want to switch to another brand, but you are afraid you'll lose money.

Got it. I suspect many other "traditional" photogs on this forum think the same. It's as if one is married to a brand/system. Personally, I never understood that. These are just tools/toys.

Not afraid to switch but rather liking the direction NX was heading in previous years (excellent small lenses, reasonable prices and good ergonomics).

Galaxy Nx isn't my thing though so if it's the way of the future for Samsung, I'll be gone iin a heartbeat.

More or less my view, although I will try to stay with the NX20 as long as possible as I have a tendency to spend too much upgrading electronics too often, unnecessarily. I really like the NX system in terms of the lenses and the NX10/20 bodies, and for me there is no obvious switch - if I want to keep an APS-C sensor my personal choice would be between Fuji (significantly higher costs and a very different style of both cameras and pictures) or maybe a Pentax DSLR (larger size). So I would be much happier if Samsung continue to produce non-Galaxy NXs with viewfinders, and much more ready to invest, e.g. in more NX lenses.

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