EM-1 versus the Canon 5D Mark III

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Re: EM-1 versus the Canon 5D Mark III

CharlesB58 wrote:

A while back I asked myself the question if I could get rid of my Canon 5D Mark III once I got the Olympus OM-D EM1. I've now had the Olympus for about 10 days and I'm answering my own question on my blog: www.photographicwanderings.com.

Comments welcome, esp. on my blog. It needs some love.

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About 30 years ago I read an article similarly comparing a Hasselblad 500C to a Nikon F2A. Comparing resolution of the respective formats (2 1/4 & 35mm) was pretty sophomoric then. I hate to sound dour, but this article is no different. No one buys m4/3 with the idea that it will give bettet IQ than a current FF dslr. At least no one who understands the basics of digital photography.
If, in my lifetime, I will have produced just one image that makes a real difference in the life of another, I will have achieved my highest goal as a photographer.



This is true.

The real question should be "how good does IQ need to be for your uses?"

There is still the belief that more MP is automatically 'better'.

Take the front page of National Geographic. At that size, 12Mp would be more than sufficient (heck, 8 probably would) and even if you had a 16 bit file from a 36Mp camera, the print process used won't be capable of reproducing it.

Almost any editorial photographer can be happy with 12-16Mp. Buying, storing and processing Mp you do not need benefits only (a) your GAS and (b) camera makers.

Properly identifying 'good enough' is the key.

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