Sigma Musings (Long) - Where Goeth Thou?

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About mirrorless models.

It seems to me this would be a real winner for Sigma. Especially if released with different mounts.
However, it probably won't be produced because it would pretty much end any sales of the SD1M.

Still, they have to give the enthusiasts what they want and not what they will accept. At the moment the features fall short of what is available elsewhere. We all put up with it to get the Foveon and rightly so.

If I were starting out today I would get an SD1M and several lenses. Would be great to get the macro lenses for flowers and telephoto for distant subjects. Sigma are now making excellent lenses so it would not be a difficult decision. I own 3 Canon DSLRs many, many lenses, NEX7, and Olympus OMD. My investment in cameras and lenses is crazy. It just sneaks up on us. However, just about everyone else is in similar circumstances so having a camera that we can use the lenses we own would be wonderful and way less expensive.

The enthusiasts read the reviews so the fact that few have purchased Sigma says a lot about where they stand at the moment. Sigma literally have to something different if they want more market share. Once you go Foveon you won't be satisfied with Bayer any more.


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