E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Re: Shock vs. shake

tsammyc wrote:

Anders W wrote:

tsammyc wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Andy Westlake wrote:

The key point I'd really like to make, though, is that the specific shake issue we see with the E-P5 is not something we see in normal shooting with the E-M5. The two cameras behave differently, so whatever you've learned about the E-M5 may not apply.

I realize that this is your key point but wouldn't be so sure that you are right. While I certainly can't know for sure at this stage, my guess is that you will in the end find the root cause to be the same (shutter shock) although it may well manifest itself in slightly different ways.

If the two of you can't even agree on the definition of shutter shock, there will never be anyone who is "right" in the other's eyes.

Perhaps correct. So what?

At present I don't even see that the premise of your conditional statement (that we disagree about the definition) is met.

Perhaps it's me reading this too simply, but Andy says its internal vibrations like mirror slap, you say its not.

Yes, we disagree about that. But I wouldn't consider that to be a disagreement about the definition. Rather, this is a disagreement about the facts. The difference is important since disagreement about facts can be resolved by observation (measurements, tests) whereas disagreement about definitions cannot, at least not in a direct way.

My provisional definition of the problem of shutter shock would be something like "blur due to shutter movement". But the blur can be linked to shutter movement via several different mechanisms. One potential mechanism is that the camera as a whole moves slightly. Another potential mechanism is that it vibrates. These two alternative mechanisms have been tested and the evidence to which I pointed suggests that the first mechanism rather than the second is the important one.

Anyway, I just hope that by replying so aggressively, you haven't chased him away from what was becoming a very interesting discussion.

I honestly don't think I was aggressive. I just called things as I see them, i.e., tried to make it clear where we agreed and disagreed and what my reasons for disagreeing were. Hopefully, he will return to respond and if he doesn't, I doubt that the reason has much to do with the way I worded things.

So that you know, I've always appreciated both your contributions and Andy's.

Thanks. Glad to hear that.

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