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Learn to think.

Do you think he'd rather pay 6k after tax or 250k because he doesn't get insurance from Walmart? Or maybe he'd rather just die because he has no insurance and can't afford treatment.

walmart offers health insurance to their employees only the uninformed think they dont

fact is before the ACA these low income people who knew they would have medical expenses, you know the type, those with existing conditions - they could put money, whatever they needed, into the 125 plan of their employer and then not have to pay taxes on that money when they used it to cover those expenses - - now they only get 2500 - - - -why? because the administration found a way to make more money taxable, money that isnt even slated to cover the cost of obamacare - this new cap just increases the taxes coming in as income tax

from this link - walmart

"Walmart offers competitive pay and benefits, including health care plans, education assistance, retirement plans, and training and development opportunities.

  • We offer hourly store associates quarterly cash bonus opportunities, a health care plan that starts at $17 per pay period, a 401k plan with a company match, a 10% discount on merchandise, and, most of all, a chance to move up through the ranks."

High deductibles mean high costs for workers and their families.

  • For benefit year 2011, Walmart’s basic health insurance plan for families includes a $1,000 contribution from Walmart to a health reimbursement account (HRA), which can be used for eligible expenses but cannot be used for prescriptions.
  • After a family uses up the HRA, they would have to pay a total of $5,250.20 of their own money for the $4,400 annual deductible and ongoing $32.70 bi-weekly premium before Walmart’s insurance starts contributing anything toward healthcare costs again.
  • For a family whose only income comes from a Walmart Associate making the company’s self-reported full-time average wage of $11.75 an hour, this equals over 25% of their annual income.
  • If you consider the $10,000 out-of-pocket maximum in addition to the $850.20 annual premium, that same family could pay over 52% of their income in a year for healthcare.

Walmart’s health care plan failed to cover nearly 700,000 associates in 2010.
In 2010, Walmart’s health insurance covered only 54% of their Associates. Walmart has over 1.4 million US Associates.

Walmart Heath care

Why would anyone believe the BS coming out of Walmart? This is a company with a 50 percent employee turnover rate.


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