the cost of the ACA

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$621 billion increase = $200 billion saving.

edwardaneal wrote:

oh and as a side note 6k is a great deal of money to a guy who works at walmart and I am sure they would much rather be able to pay that with pre tax dollars like they could have before the ACA

US health care expenditure has been rising at 5% per annum for several years; if that rate of rise continues that means an increase of $815 billion over the next 10 years. So a rise of $621 billion over the next 10 years means a slowing of the rate of rise in costs, and a total saving of a tick under $200 billion.

Guys who work at Walmart do not have HSAs because they do not have $40 per week spare (average amounts put into HSAs are about $2000 per annum).  As a result, a majority of HSAs are owned by middle and high-income wage earners, more by people earning > $100K than by people earning < $25K.

And if health care costs rise, doesn't that mean people who weren't getting care before now are? Isn't that a good thing?

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