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In the past many people used medical savings plans / 125 plans provided by their employer to cover the cost of deductibles and other out of pocket medical expenses not covered by insurance.

prior to 2013 an employee could contribute as much as they wanted to these plans with pre tax dollars and then use these pre tax dollars when needed for medical costs

effective 1/1/2013 the ACA capped the amount an employee can contribute annually to one of these plans at $2,500

so now if your out of pocket costs and deductibles exceed 2500 dollars you no longer can pay these costs with pre tax dollars

considering the fact that the lowest cost plans are the ones with the highest deductibles and also the ones with the highest out of pocket expenses this directly impacts those employees who make the least and needed the medical savings plan the most

But even the cheapest plan offered under Romney Care caps your out of pocket expenses at 6K. So if you need a heart transplant the maximum that it can cost is 6K, even if it's "Bronze" Plan.

Obama delayed the out of pocket caps to 2015?

what about the poor guy who isnt smart enough to delay their heart attack until after they really enforce the cap?

out of pocket cap delayed

Well, that sucks. But it's still better than nothing, and if you go to THEIR source, the NY Times, some people will have the caps, and some wont.


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