Obama makes an offer to negotiate but Bonehead refuses...

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Re: Obama makes an offer to negotiate but Bonehead refuses...

Leo G wrote:

vadimraskin wrote:

Looks like BO offered talks after the GOP opens the Government and agrees to SHORT-TERM debt ceiling increase. his offer even allows to set a mechanism for future debt extensions. What does Bonehead do? No guesses here: refuges again. He is now the even deeper sht than before. I hope everyone sees the GOP tactwhey your what they really are: pure extortion and hostage-taking. The hostage in this case is the whole country!

How is this what the house asked from our president. obummer said he will negotiate with the house AFTER they give him everything he is asking for. So after he gets everything he wants, what reason does he have to negotiate.

The house wants to negotiate with him now. They want to negotiate what it will take to get the gov back up and running. If they give him what the administration wants, obummer will double cross them and will not negotiate in good faith.

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Why? Because the House repubs want to overturn the Law, not merely debate the spending policy or lines in the Budget like in the good old days, that's why. They hate the Law, they lost elections but a few morons got in the Congress on the backs of drunken rednecks poisoned by the rich right wingers, who would love to save a few bucks on the health insurance for their slaves. Now these morons in the House decided to take the Government hostage and demand a ransome from the President. Today they want changes to ACA, tomorrow they will want something else.

Obama is 100% right: open the Government, pay your bills and let's talk like adults, not having guns pointed at your head. He offered GOP to set up mechanisms for the future debt increases to insure that the negotiations do happen.

Read the real news, not just Fox

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