Obama makes an offer to negotiate but Bonehead refuses...

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I don't doubt that he's desperate

vadimraskin wrote:

rb59020 wrote:

Poor Obama, as we get closer to the 17th he looks more desperate.

I thought you wanted him to talk? So now he is "desperate"?

i hope you see your own inconsistency.

He's facing a desperate situation. Either he gives in to the Republican Demands, which are essentially, "Let us rule America," or he allows the country to go to financial ruin. At BEST, in return for giving in to Republican demands, he faces more blackmail in a few months.

So, he's going to have to face up to the reality of these horrible choices. Destroy the country whatever he does. His best bet, is that the moderates in the Republican Party FINALLY stand up, with people like Peter King, and force a vote. That might actually happen.


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