Can someone compare IBIS vs Sony OSS? Is it really needed?

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Re: Can someone compare IBIS vs Sony OSS? Is it really needed?

Donny out of Element here wrote:

With A7 and A7r inevitably approaching to be announced and released, we already are pretty sure that there won't be IBIS. Maybe in early 2014 we will see it in future high-end NEX-8 or NEX-9. However, today we have OSS. I want to understand what are the advantages of IBIS compared to OSS and in what specific situations will they be most apparent? For example I'm shooting mostly in 24-70mm range (for FF). So how IBIS can help me better than OSS? Most users shoot in this range and it's mainly people, kids, animals, architecture, indoors (low-light), landscapes and some action. I assume most users shoot through EVF or LCD handheld and most people can do a steady 1/60 shots. So how can IBIS help better than OSS? Will the difference be really noticeable in real world photos?

Thank you.

Not mentioned yet is that IBIS is quieter than OSS. One of my favorite lenses for my NEX-6 (SEL35) gives off a noticeable (yet very soft) humming noise when OSS is engaged. Give the shutter a half-push and jiggle the camera a bit and you can hear the gyros whirring away. IBIS, at least on my A77, is completely silent.

So, specific situation is that you might deal with some unintended noise if you are filming something quiet with the NEX and one of the louder OSS lenses and you are using the internal mics.

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