Why so little fanfare for the X-A1?

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Re: Why so little fanfare for the X-A1?

CAcreeks wrote:

This time the X-A1 suddenly appeared at a very appealing price and seemingly without any major flaws.

The camera is interesting. As a person who is interested in Fuji though, I'll wait for the same benefits in a camera that has a viewfinder.

The X-A1 is one of the more interesting cameras in recent years. Weight and size are similar to M43. Unlike the Nikon-1 and EOS-M, it seems like a serious product.

I have a V1, it's an excellent camera. Monikers like "serious product" don't do much for me. I suppose you mean the sensor, but for a person like me serious means a viewfinder (V1), PDAF ability or very fast CDAF (V1, M43) and great IQ (not so much V1, although good enough. X-A1 wins obviously).

Unlike NEX almost all lenses (so far) are good or excellent. Lightroom can support it easily and well.

This is true. The ability to process RAW files in LR, which is familiar, is a good thing. Fuji IQ is top notch no doubt, king of mirrorless. But to answer your question, people probably don't take it seriously because all that it brings to the table will soon be brought by cameras with more direct controls and a nice VF.

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