Anyone fancy a REAL extraction challenge please?

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- Firstly, I brought the original into ACR to adjust for lighting, increase contrast and colouring, etc

- In CS, balanced the subject lighting and contrast with curves, apply image and Paint with Light then used the quick selection tool on a copy of the blue channel to get a rough selection of the subjects and saved this to an alpha channel

- with the selection still active and with the RGB channel now selected, entered quick mask mode and used a soft black brush to complete. In areas of the hair where the BG showed through, I lowered the opacity of the brush to approx. 50%. This softly selected the ‘hair fringes’. Once completed, saved this selection to an alpha channel in place of the first one

- I placed a solid white filled layer below a copy of the original and on the copy again, ctrl-clicked on the alpha channel to active the subject selection, held down the control key and clicked on the mask icon at the bottom of the layers panel. This hid the BG with a black filled mask and allowed for any additions/subtractions using a white or black brush on the mask. I prefer this to using Ctrl-J and copying the selection to a new layer because of the add/remove flexibility.

- if the BG colour was visible through the hair selection, I sampled the hair colour and painted on a new layer in colour mode. This retained the ‘soft frizzy' look. Use of the clone stamp on a new layer at a low opacity here would do the same. A hair brush on a new layer added in any hair(s) missed.

Hopefully, I haven't confused you too much and if I can explain further, please let me know.

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Hmmmm ... and yet another day has passed and I did not use Algebra once. Very interesting.

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