Some republicans feel that defaulting won't be that bad

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Re: Romney Care REDUCES the deficit

rb59020 wrote:

Your right, the "net" is ONLY 1.4 trillion, a far cry from what Obama said in 2010 as he lied his azz off and the left sucked it all down. Too funny.

Here's another link to the sad details, and as I said earlier, like an NFL team building a new stadium or you wonderful Federal Government that you love and trust so much building a new highway. Obamacare will go way over budget.

One other thing, as you can see in the chart below. The CBO allows for 185 billion dollars just from companies and individuals who would rather pay fines than be involved in this farce.

The bitter truth.

According to your chart the net effect over ten years will be to increase the deficit by 40 billion dollars. However, the CBO estimates that WITHOUT Romney Care, the deficit will rise by 140 billion dollars. And the reason for this is quite simple. All of those people too poor for medicaid, will use the emergency room, the most expencsive care there is, but will NEVER be able to pay the debt off. The Feds pick up the cost.

Now that cost is totally eliminated.


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