Sigma Musings (Long) - Where Goeth Thou?

Started Oct 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
mike earussi Veteran Member • Posts: 7,001
Re: Sigma Musings (Long) - Where Goeth Thou?

Rick, a lot of us are frustrated with the SD line because it does not seem to us that Sigma is that far away from having a decent competitive body. The resolution difference between Foveon and Bayer  has been solved and now all that is lacking is fast processing, a larger buffer and live view to have a really good product. So why did Sigma settle for what are obvious flaws in the SD1 and not push on to make a fully acceptable product? This is the question that constantly puzzles me and one I'm hoping Sigma will finally address in whatever updated SD body they produce next.

There is no doubt in many photographer's minds, even those who don't actively use it, that the Foveon produces a superior image at low ISOs. Even Sony, Canon, and Fuji (and maybe others) acknowledge this indirectly by their numerous patents trying to get around Sigma's patents, none of which have proved practical or they would be implemented.

So I hope Sigma doesn't quit as I think they're close to having a really successful product. But what's holding them up I don't know.

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