the cost of the ACA

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The CBO states flat out

ljfinger wrote:

edwardaneal wrote:

Gov. actuaries say ObamaCare will increase health care spending by $621 billion over next 10 years

First of all, Fox couldn't find the truth with both hands.

Second, these are just predictions, and like the weather, accurate predictions over a long term are nothing but luck.

Third, did you do the math?

That works out to $16 a month per person. Even if it turns out to be true (which it won't), that's an awfully small price to pay for millions more people having health insurance and millions more than that having better health insurance.

Yeah, the ACA doesn't go far enough, but it's at least a baby step in the right direction. And the moronic Republicans don't even want that to happen. They'd rather keep tens of millions of people without access to healthcare.

What ever happened to "compassionate conservatism" anyway?

Why anyone, anywhere, watches or reads anything produced by Fox News is beyond me. A great many works of fiction have more truth in them than does Fox News' so-called "journalism" (pandering to the low-IQ conservatives in the country).

That Romney Care will reduce the deficit. That repealing it will ADD to the deficit.

Fact Checking Romney Care


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