"Nikon's most lame new DSLR"

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Re: I recall the day the D600 was announced

rhlpetrus wrote:

Within hours it topped not only dslrs' BS list at Amazon, it was first on digital cameras for at least one week, just on pre-orders,nd stayed first on dslrs' list for a long time.

What a difference one year and many mistakes make: D610 is available for pre-orders, I haven't found it on the lists. The D600 body-only, at 30th spot, is below 6D and 5D3, both in the top 20, and below D800, despite the very attractive price of US$1,797, 100USD below that of 6D.

There are way more Canon users than Nikon users but the D600 did extremely well sales wise. But looking at Amazon trends as indications of the D600's success is futile since there are so many other camera stores in the US and worldwide.

I've been a D800 owner since it's release and it's by far the best FF DSLR I've ever owned, including the 5D Mk II which it utterly demolishes in IQ and AF performance.

As far as the D610, for $1995 I will almost certainly be buying one to as a back up for my D800. The D600 is solidly made, lighter than my D800, and it produces gorgeous files only be equaled by the D800 itself.

All the rest of the complaining about the D610 reminds me of the Fujifilm forum. All Fujifilm has been doing recently has been making Gold Award cameras with absolutely stunning IQ at reasonable prices and all everybody does on Fujifilm X Forum is complain.  If users here aren't happy with Nikon cameras they will go elsewhere.  The problem is there really is not much competition from Canon or Sony.  And at the $2000 price point, I would never buy a 6D with it's single AF point and weak DR, but judging from all the hand wringing and trashing of Nikon, I'm guessing everybody here is going to jump ship to Canon.

As far as Hogan analyzing Nikon's business moves, he's been wrong so many times in the past, and whether he is right or wrong in this instance, he has been second guessing (read: badmouthing) Nikon now for so long, I stopped reading his blog a long time ago.

It's hard for me to view the release of the D610 as anything but a positive since it's right before Christmas, which is exactly when you want your new bodies released.  And new users will no longer have to worry about whether there exists any shutter oil issues.  And D600 users will have no problem selling or trading in their D600s should they so desire.   Those wanting Nikon to dramatically change the D600 are forgetting that the D600 is a Gold Award, class leading camera, the second top camera overall on DxOMark.  Shutter aside, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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