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John Knuhtsen wrote:

I had a gx100, bought on discount as one of the last samples on the market here. But unfortunately it was stolen from me in Santiago of Chile some years ago. Together with all my day-carry-things: glasses, passport, mobile, driving card, credit cards, etc.

So it was a horrible experience. But I remember it as a solid build, very limited zoom range (but good lens), quite bad viewfinder. Sensor was too small, of course.

I have replaced it directly with a Nikon P300. As well as my Nex6. I normally carry both.


I still have my GX100. It is pretty pristine, I did not use it much. The GRD at the coal face was just such a better camera all round. The GRD had the better, faster, lens and was a trifle smaller. Imaged just a little better and was marginally better built. All the GX100 ever offered was a much better R series camera with limited zoom capabilities. So if short slowish zoom was a prime need then the GX was a great camera. Best in its class. But the Panasonic LX had more features and was ruthlessly compared with feature by feature on this forum at the time.

In the end I think the GX has stood the test of time better than the LX of the day as "features" do not necessarily make a well thought out camera.  Maybe just as much as the GR might be still be revered long after the Nikon A has faded into obscurity - but I draw a long bow there.

These days it seems dated with a small relatively low resolution screen and a menu list that you can whizz through and learn in a manner of minutes. Hardly the powerhouse that the GRDIII/IV became.

I like my GX100, and still marvel at how good it can image, but as said, I don't use it much. Rose tinted spectacles make it seem better than it really ever was. Those still using the GX series must be enjoying it but Ricoh cameras moved on from those days with a vengence.

That the concept of a small sensor limited range slow zoom lens was a flawed marketing idea is shown by the fact that the GXR-S10 seems to have been poorly received. Passed off as being too large physically and too small a sensor it cut no mustard with having the most powerful operating system support of any small sensor short zoom camera in its class. GX300 dreamers should have moved up and found everything that they ever needed in this combination that they did not all do this is the best indicator that a single bodied, smaller physically, GX300 would not have sold well either. What people really wanted was a powerhouse simple point and shoot like the RX100. Long on features and short on intuitive control and firmware support. Go for it guys ....

I like my GXR-S10 but like the GX100 I don't use it that much.

Ricoh tend to make thoughtful cameras for the long haul. High specification but "mentally" simple cameras tend to sell better. It would be hard for Ricoh to get market purchase for any small sensor slow short zoom camera not mattter how much of a Q ship it was in firmware and intuitive use terms.

Cameras sell on specifications and are kept simply because they satisfy when used.  If you buy unsatisfactory user-cameras then you must keep buying by specification until you strike it lucky that a highly specified camera is also intuitive in use.

Vale GX series, we knew you well, great cameras but they did not have enough "features" to sell in large quantities to the masses and they did not have enough muscle to appeal to deep thinkers either. So they were a niche camera that satisfied those that bought them with an open mind and they served that purpose well - at least until Panasonic unceremoniously bundled them out of that niche - now apparently occupied by the RX100?

Wide to mid range constant f2.0 zoom aps-c module for the GXR? (Even the present GXR). Now we are talking! But it will not be small, nor will it be a folding lens. But I am all ears, when can I buy one? .... GX300 on steroids, deep thinkers on alert, even the popular market would be impressed  (by the specification). Make it fixed f2.8 and internal focusing and we will all still be impressed. Don't forget a manual focus ring on the len barrel.

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