E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Re: E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

John Dyke wrote:

I started this thread a few days ago and I have read every reply but I have not seen an answer to the following question:

If one uses a lightweight in-lens stabilized lens ( such as the Panasonic 14 - 45 ) and switches the E-P5 IBIS off, is there still a problem with "double image or is the problem solved?

If the problem disappears, one could assume that the E-P5 IBIS is the source of the "double image".JD

I have not tried that particular lens (as I don't own it), however I tested the E-P5 with 3 lenses, the Panasonic 20mm, Oly 75mm and Panasonic 100-300.  The 20mm sometimes was a little "soft" but did not have any major issues.  The 75mm started showing signs of blur.  The panasonic 100-300 was a complete disaster.  The longer the focal length, the more obvious it was and the larger problem I had trying to avoid it.  But going back to your original question, I tried it with OIS on and IBIS off, OIS off and IBIS auto, OIS off and IBIS1.  The same combo with 1/8 anti-shock and the same combo with short shutter response.  It seemed that OIS on / IBIS off was the best choice, but still had major issues with blur and double images.  But while the IBIS is "off", the camera still has to hold the "floating" sensor in one place, which it doesn't seem to do very well.  Granted, I wouldn't call this a "lightweight" in-lens stabilized lens, but figured I would mention it since I did test all of the various IS settings.

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