"Nikon's most lame new DSLR"

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On the contrary

marike6 wrote:

It's really hard to take him seriously as he criticizes pretty much EVERYTHING Nikon does, even their business moves, while at the same time telling his readers how great Olympus PEN cameras are. All the while Nikon continues to be one of the two most dominant camera companies in the world and all the while Nikon continues to produce the very best DSLRs in the world.

Hogan made has become known on the web writing about Nikon film cameras. In the digital age, his views about Nikon are mostly irrelevant because he has such a large chip on his shoulder, it makes him impossible to take seriously.

He says what any independent person in the know would have said. This is a PR disaster and makes me, like many users that have had Nikon gear, think twice about putting new money on a new camera they release. I almost pulled the trigger on the D600, then the shutter/oil issue showed up. If the D600 didn't have any issues, why would Nikon make this move? OTOH, because it had the issue, why have Nikon chosen the present path of making every D600's buyer look like idiots?

They should have announced it, exchanged shutter on all cameras, and asked for forgiveness. BTW, some are saying maybe there's a difference and this new shutter cannot be installed in an original D600's body. If that's true, then what's the shuuter they have been installing when people send their cameras for repair?

It gets worse and worse, Thom is right, no matter his intentions, his feelings, his loyalties. I'm not God to decide on those, I can only decide if what he says makes sense or not, and it does make sense, a lot. Nikon have hurt themselves very hard at this point, it will take some time and a lot of work to repair that. Canon learned it the hard way with the 1D3 fiasco, now it's Nikon's turn. Let's hope they learn it asap.

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