"Nikon's most lame new DSLR"

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Hogan's analysis is top notch.

Brian Caslis wrote:

marike6 wrote:

It's really hard to take him seriously as he criticizes pretty much EVERYTHING Nikon does, even their business moves, while at the same time telling his readers how great Olympus PEN cameras are. All the while Nikon continues to be one of the two most dominant camera companies in the world and all the while Nikon continues to produce the very best DSLRs in the world.

Hogan made has become known on the web writing about Nikon film cameras. In the digital age, his views about Nikon are mostly irrelevant because he has such a large chip on his shoulder, it makes him impossible to take seriously.

Simply not true. If you read his articles about companies he will tell you Olympus is going to go out of business the way they are currently headed. It's the product he praises and he does the same with Nikon.

Nothing here is about the product being bad. It's about terrible management of the company and I agree with him 100% on this.

As do I.  Hogan is 100% correct in his analysis.  Nikon is facing HARD times both for reasons of their own making as well as the changing economic and technical environment.  The D600 mess has damaged their credibility tremendously.

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