Some republicans feel that defaulting won't be that bad

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Well of course

rb59020 wrote:

Sorry to disappoint you Dave, but interest on the national debt is out pacing any fantasy balanced budget that has no chance of happening in 2016. The CBO has revised their estimates for Romneycare into the trillions now.

Can you post a link to this mythical revision?

Obama's miniscule budget surplus projection will be vaporized by it before the end of the day it hits the books.

When you see the "National Debt" and "Unfunded Liabilities" numbers start going in reverse let me know.

As we all know the CBO lies their butt's off. Would you believe it, they actually predicted in the year 2000 that the ENTIRE National debt would be eliminated by 2012.

But stupid me, actually believes their budget predictions. Now if we could just raise taxes on the top One percent another five points, we shall start paying down the debt within a few more years.


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