D610 confirms that 100% of all D600's were affected by oil-splat problem

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Re: D610 confirms that 100% of all D600's were affected by oil-splat problem

dholl wrote:

When I wrote the first user review on this site to offer reader comments , I was vilified for marking the D600 down based on the oil-splat problem of all three of the D600's I owned. I claimed that it was almost certain that 100% of all D600's were affected (backed up by Lens Rentals among others).

The thread was locked, and since then we've had to put up with smug "all DSLR's require sensor cleaning, the D600 is no different. You guys are just looking for a problem." type responses.

The D610 all-but-confirms that the oil-splat issue really did affect the entire D600 output. Just reading the comments of the two articles DPR have posted, you only see one dominating theme.

Nikon are losing their core fanbase. Canon, with their reliable tools and made-in-Japan label, will be gaining new followers.

I, as a brand-neutral user, am lamenting losing Nikon as an alternative choice. Hopefully Sony and Pentax can continue their development.

What are the precedents? Canon 1DII offered false-colour in JPG's (not noticed by many), so 1DIIN fixed that. 20D must have had some kind of problem, as the 30D came out soon after and offered barely any imrovement. But a problem as major as the oil-splat issue we've never seen.

What are your thoughts on this? Not talking about specific D600 users and whether you feel you're affected or not. But talking about the significance of the D610 and how its release may irreparably damage the Nikon brand.

If you feel "burned" by Nikon with a faulty D600, I understand....try Canon, Pentax, Sony, etc.  Just know Canon's record isn't any better (your examples, 1d3 AF, etc, so why would you remove Nikon from your "alternative choice" list?  I do not see any signs of significant damage to Nikon's  brand, certainly not "irreparably".

As to the 100% claim with D600, I know it's false because I owned a D600, shot 30,000 frames...no issues whatsoever.  Maybe my experience is in the minority...hard to say.  Judging from the recent nikon rumors poll on "oil-splat", seems to be about 50 / 50.

Want a truly dependable camera?  Go buy a Hassy 501 or Mamiya RZ67  

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