After 3 weeks & thousands of shots: NEX-6 + Sony lenses are SUPERB!

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Am I allowed to ask anything constructive or is that forbidden?

Almost scared to mention this at the risk of being beaten down and called a troll, but there is a significant amount of purple and green fringing in the high contrast shots like the ones inside the cathedral which I assume is the SEL16 with UWA convertor attached, and it doesn't take any pixel peeping to see it. For reference look at the haze and color shifting around the chandeliers in the first photo. I'm not sure that a lens that acts this way can be called "superb" but I get where you are coming from.

Anyway, and if I'm still not a troll for saying that, superb or not I've been thinking about buying this combination and wanted to know if others have experienced this and whether it's the type of CA that is correctable in LR without damaging the overall color. I know stopping down takes care of this naturally but, like the photo proves, there are definitely times and places to shoot this combo wide open.

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