E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Simon Cowell Senior Member • Posts: 2,542
Re: Pshaw.

Bob Tullis wrote:

Simon Cowell wrote:

... in my view outdoor shots cannot be used for experimentation because simply you cannot control all the parameters.

For instance, at 1/60 even a slight wind may cause the leaves to sway.

Unless you're talking about a close up of leaves only, there will usually be supporting elements in a composition that won't be affected by the wind, providing clear evidence of one's precision.

True, but there have been image samples in other threads where the shutter shock appears to be visible in a specific part of the image *only*. So it's not a clear-cut scenario.

I can't find the original version but I recall that shutter shock was visible in the nostrils only (just above the little girl's arm)

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