Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

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Re: Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

sibyy wrote:

While I'm currently an all Fuji camera owner, I still have a special place in my heart of m43. My first foray into the mirrorless world was the GF1 and I had owned a number of other cameras including the E-M5. So I continuously keep an eye on m43 gear and do suffer from the occasional gadget lust.

Now I've always thought that I've given up some portability for image quality going with Fuji (over m43) and the latest GX7 has made me think of adding a m43 camera in cases where I need a more compact package.

To help me make a comparison, I've compiled the below table that includes the cameras and lenses that I would consider (I know some lenses etc. are not here but this was for my own use) and decide to share it with you.

My takeaway is that there aren't any big gains in terms of size and weight going from Fuji to m43. The X-E1 is the lightest of the 4 cameras having a built-in EVF and the Fuji27mm is actually lighter and smaller than the Panasonic 20mm (though slower).

I agree. The Fuji lenses are usually faster, combined with a larger sensor, giving a stop difference between the same relative FL.

Very few MFT lenses offer reasonable background isolation.

Besides, anything smaller than an Xe1 rapidly becomes fiddly to use. I still prefer the Xpro1 for that reason. Size is less important that weight, and the Pro1 is quite light. It fits in all the same bags I have for the Xe1 so going smaller buys me nothing.

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