EM-1 versus the Canon 5D Mark III

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Re: EM-1 versus the Canon 5D Mark III

sdribetahi wrote:

Landscapephoto99 wrote:

sdribetahi wrote:

I shoot moving objects, close, in low light often, and I do like shallow dof.

You shoot mice with nice bokeh in the dark? Wow, well it's nice to know for everything else a m43 can get you as good or better results given your level of photo skills.

Yes, good results can be had by pretty much any camera made in 2013. Not sure how excited I'd be that it can take a good photo in still objects in great light with everything to infinity in focus. Like bragging that your cars breaks work really well on a flat driveway when parked. Probably just as well as ceramic breaks on a Ferrari!

No, more like a off road vehicle that can do mountains and sand dunes and rivers compared to a sports car that can speed on straight away but not much else.  m43 is excellent in any type of climate, can take photos with great bokeh shallow DoF, best for macros, better for most low light photos than almost any other system given IBIS and 0.95 lenses, very good AF now, and a sensor that is certainly equal to the best APS-C sensors....but yes you are right, you will not have as many keepers when taking photos of speeding mice in the dark.  I stand corrected.

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