Some republicans feel that defaulting won't be that bad

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Re: Some republicans feel that defaulting won't be that bad

Leo G wrote:

Basically, what's the difference.  A few years, a decade maybe?  It's going to happen, no matter what.  The fractal debt based money system is designed to fail. It can't go any other way.  It must fail, that's the design.  You cannot make money out of nothing and then charge interest on that money.  There is never enough money there to pay it back.  It is a system designed to keep you in perpetual debt.

It has now come the time where the perpetual debt meets the real life cliff.  It's time for the big reset.  It's coming no matter what, and as far as I can see the gov's around the world are planning for it to happen, because they know.

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yes, you are right, the debt grows needs to be checked in and contained but not the way the current GOP brain-dead want it to be contained. Cutting social programs alone won't do it! Defense spending must also be drastically reduced and the whole military doctrine re-visited, reformed and implemented just as fast as health care and SS programs. We spend a third of our GDP on defense! it is unreal and stupid in the current geo-political reality. It might have been justified during the Cold War but now? Who are we going to fight? China? They own a huge chunk of our debt plus we are their consumer base. Russia? Doubtful that these guys will be dumb enough to start the war. There is no reason for them to do so but IF they do, whatever defense capacity we have now is plenty of the deterrence for years to come. Who is left? Cube? North Korea? Iran? Please...

The military needs to be reduced to the very limited number and trained in high mobility, quick in and out type of operations. We don't need huge Navy, which costs billions to maintain, we don't need foreigh bases (if Europe wants them; let them pay the up-keep) but we do need better security and intelligence.

All this needs to be looked at but not while under gun of the default.

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