Canon EOS-M vs. Olympus E-PL5 (factoring in recent price cuts)

Started Oct 7, 2013 | Questions thread
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I would pick the EOS-M

I have owned both and honestly liked the EOS-M better.  Its build quality is MUCH better than the E-PL5.  The 22mm and 18-55 are some of the best 'budget' lenses I have seen.  The 18-55 is as good as the 14-45 from Panasonic and the 22mm is a killer deal for around $100 right now.

Yes the E-PL5 has faster AF but honestly neither are great for sports shooting.  The E-PL5 is also slightly better at high ISO images but the EOS-M is no slouch either, especially with the 22mm lens.

The Canon menus are better and more organized.  The E-PL5 has more customizing capability but the menus are not very logical.

Plus I thought the Canon had better white balance.  I constantly have to tweak the white balance for the E-PL5.

The EOS-M is the best deal out there right now. You can get the camera, 18-55 lens, 22mm lens and 90EX flash for 399.00 shipped.  Heck the 22mm lens is worth that by itself.  I have seen others compare it to Canon L lenses costing over $1000 and say it is darn near as good.

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