"Nikon's most lame new DSLR"

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Re: "Nikon's most lame new DSLR"

I agree.  I will NEVER buy another Nikon DSLR because of how they handled the D600 fiasco.  They should be sued and have to pay up big time.

Shove it under the rug and replace it with basically the same features with a different model number...That's customer focus!  Yeah right...

John SC wrote:

fotolopithecus wrote:

I can see how someone who bought the D600 might be a little ticked, but the upside of this is that they have now taken the best all round camera Nikon makes, and made it nearly perfect. I will now buy the D610, where I refused to buy the D600 because the oil, and debis issues angered me.

So, What happens when the D610 starts to have some type of issue with the new shutter or some other change they have made? Will you wait for the d620 or the D630? Where does this train wreck of disrespect and unfairness end? How does one get back the waisted money and time? When does Nikon change it's attitude when people keep buying their cameras and letting them do this to their customers?

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