Government decree - you can only have one camera

Started Oct 8, 2013 | Polls thread
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Elyharbour Senior Member • Posts: 2,112
Government decree - you can only have one camera

So, the governments of the World have decided that our planet is sinking under the weight of zillions of mostly useless images, and if nothing is done Earth's orbit will slowly decay and we're all DOOMED!

From now on all citizens can only own ONE camera and ONE lens. Failure to comply means being locked up with other miscreants and wearing an orange suit.

Which type of camera will you choose? That's what you'll carry and use for perhaps the rest of your life (which won't be very long unless you really enjoy the sun).

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Smart phone
1.5% 1  vote
Small compact
3.1% 2  votes
Top-end compact
13.8% 9  votes
18.5% 12  votes
47.7% 31  votes
I like orange suits
15.4% 10  votes
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