EM-1 versus the Canon 5D Mark III

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Re: EM-1 versus the Canon 5D Mark III

sdribetahi wrote:

Good little write up. The thing that keeps me away from m4/3 is every time I see a write up, the author always has the caveat that, "this (fill in the blank) shortcoming doesn't bother me due to what I shoot". Unfortunately, the author never seems to shoot what I shoot. I shoot moving objects, close, in low light often, and I do like shallow dof. All of these are never what anyone that owns an m4/3 and has a blog ever shoots. You get street, landscapes and sleeping turtles in perfect light.

I really like the size, weight and feature set though and wish there wasn't always a limiting caveat. It looks like a great camera, just wish it was a great camera for me.

I normally post in the Oly SLR forum, but I'm seriously considering the EM-1 and been looking here as well.

I don't think anyone expects a 4/3 or other smaller sensor cameras to compete with full frame. The caveat with the Canon is size and weight. I prefer a lighter kit that I actually take with me over a 5 kg rig that needs a backpack and stays home to prevent my neck and shoulder aching.

Life is a compromise and better is the enemy of good enough... The fact that the EM-1 and FF can be mentioned in the same post is a tribute I think to how far advanced the EM-1 is.

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