EM-1 versus the Canon 5D Mark III

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After all these years

I've come to look at it this way. As a former wedding photographer/portrait photographer, you need to first determine WHAT you are planning to do with a given file. Are you going to need to crop heavily? Are you going to do a huge print?, Is having the ultimate flash control important in that work? What about workflow? Is file management an issue (size). I had more pro and semi pro DSLR bodies from both Canon and Nikon than I'd care to remember. I FINALLY abandoned them all for the Olympus system when the OMD-EM5 came out. I no longer needed huge files, ultra large prints beyond 22x17 which I do at home, prefer the nice manageable file sizes, find the resolution in print or on screen is more than enough to make it happen. I'm not noting any loss in resolution in the sizes of prints I'm working with. When out and about and especially travel I do NOT miss the DSLR bodies one bit. Operational speeds are just fine as well. So indeed you have to decide not so much on what the compromises are(as there are few in my opinion) but unless you're a sports photographer or fine art photographer in low light the OMD series should more than meet your needs. NO camera does it all, but thankfully the OMD's do most of it quite nicely. indeed.

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