Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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Re: I only see 3 so far

sean lancaster wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

But these same wide angle problems are not visible on my 5N. And we know that one of the FF NEX cameras will be 24 megapixels. That should have no problem with wide angle. The 36 megapixel model should be more similar in cropability to the NEX 7, so perhaps we'll see about the vignetting. But Sony is also designing things a little differently and they've had a few years to work on this new design. Like I said, we'll know soon enough. But this is their one chance to wow the world with these new FF mirrorless cameras, so I'll be surprised if the expensive 24 - 70 Zeiss lens fails on release. Keep in mind the 10 - 18 came out years later. Even the 16 pancake didn't fail so much because of vignetting on the NEX 7 as much as the lens was just crummy. ;~) The 18-55 kit lens seems to do just fine on the NEX 7 doesn't it? So the 24 - 70 on the larger FF NEX should be fine as well. Wider than 24 and we'll have to wait and see. I have no desire for anything wider than 24 other than my Rokinon fisheye 8/2.8 on my NEX 5N (and I prefer it over any fisheye I'd get for my Canon 6D).

Yep, sounds very reasonable Sean, I am hoping you are absolutely correct and Wide Lens will not have an issue on the Nex FF…very encouraging what you wrote…thanks...

LTZ, I just read that the crop mode of the two FF NEX sensors end up being: 15.4 and 10.3. If that's the case then even the larger FF NEX will perform about like the NEX 5N. Neither one should come close to having the issues that the NEX 7 has. I feel pretty confident now. I also read today that the Emount lenses will work in crop mode, but that Sony is also making them available for full frame shooting. Some Emount lenses should perform pretty well in FF mode, but I suspect some black corners with some other Emount lenses. But at least it's a choice being offered.

I'm curious about the NEX FF, and I'm holding back upgrading to either the GX7 or E-M1 until I see what's on the table.

In terms of the crop mode, I'm most excited about the aspects of using cropped (and inexpensive) NEX lenses to provide options in cropping the image.  About 40% of my images are cropped square (it's my favorite format - thanks to owning a Hasselblad at one pint in time).  Shooting on a FF sensor, and having a much larger area to crop vertically would be great!  I.E. a cropped lens would offer the ability to shoot at the width of APSC both horizontally and vertically.  This, at least to me, would offer a lot of potential, and I hope Sony will have the sense to offer cropped formats in the camera that maximize the sensor / lens coverage (to aid in composing, as opposing to just cropping afterwards).

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