"Nikon's most lame new DSLR"

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Re: "Nikon's most lame new DSLR"

stuntmonkey wrote:

kiirokurisu wrote:

Wow, Thom is really starting to sound incredibly bitter and dire. Anything for a few clicks eh? It takes years of study and experience to become an engineer, but anyone can pick up a keyboard and take a big dump all over that engineer's efforts. There's a critic born every minute...

Read his resume first.


Moreover, it's Nikon that took a big dump on their own brand with the D800/SB-900/D600 engineering issues. Thom, myself and others are just pointing to these ongoing QC/QA issues out and wondering: wtf is going on at Nikon HQ?

Maybe it's just me, but I expect top notch quality in the pro gear that I buy. The D3s/D700/D300/SB-800 are good examples of good engineering.

Lastly, where is the D400? I really want a serious DX camera on my next trip to Africa!

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