"Nikon's most lame new DSLR"

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Re: Where are all the bigmouth naysayers?

SnappinOutdoors wrote:

This forum was filled with people laughing at this D610 rumor, calling D600 users with issues a bunch of whiners. "Clean your sensors and move on!", they said. "Nikon would never release a D600 replacement, because it's not necessary"... blah blah.

This is a major embarrassment to Nikon.... because indeed what they've done is release a hardly changed model as a direct replacement for a faulty model. While scarcely publicly acknowledging that the D600 was flawed!! That's the insane part. I really believe you may see a class action lawsuit.... not something I'd care about, but I can see it happening.

And folks, if this camera turns out to have a widespread QC issue of ANY variety.... the company is in trouble. I can't imagine it, because they must have tested this thing into the ground before release.

I'm quite sure the D610 will not have any QC issue. After all, it has been tested by tens or even hundreds of thousands of beta testers, i.e. the D600 buyers. All those beta testers found only one big problem, and that should be solved now with the new shutter. Sarcasm off.

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