VOTE: Panasonic vs Olympus OOC JPEG (with samples)

Started Oct 8, 2013 | Polls thread
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VOTE: Panasonic vs Olympus OOC JPEG (with samples)

To compare the OOC JPEG quality of two of my cameras, I decided to take them to a scenic location and just shoot them both from the same spot at the same time. I decided to use the exact same kit lens for both cameras, so I had to change the lens multiple times to do this comparison. I shot them both in aperture priority mode and used the same aperture for all shots for both cameras.

Again, these are just generic, everyday shots to test the cameras' jpeg rendering. I'll refrain from stating exactly which cameras they are for the moment, but one is a Panny and one is an Oly. One is 12MP and the other 16MP. I realize that there are now quite a few generations of the 16MP sensors, but I'm going to avoid saying exactly which generation it is until the poll is completed.

Please compare these two cameras' OOC JPEGS for the color quality and the overall aesthetics, not pixel peeping. Please vote on which camera you think belongs to which manufacturer and drop a line indicating which you prefer, camera A or camera B. Both cameras clearly have "punched up" jpegs, so this isn't necessarily a competition for the most realistic colors, but the best looking. There are settings for more natural colors on both cameras, that I didn't use. Also, consider downloading a few of them, so that you're not limited to viewing them in your browser.

I shot the 12MP camera at a slightly longer focal length than the 16MP because my initial thought was to crop the 16MP jpegs to 12MP. I later decided against this, so the 12MP images will appear slightly closer. For this reason, pixel peeping is probably a bad idea with these images.

For the Olympus JPEGS, I used i-Enhance for all of them. For the Panasonic, I decided to use a tweak I found online. Note that this was the very first tweak I found for this camera, so there may (or may not) be room for improvement. I may try this comparison again if I've overlooked some glaring issue. For the Olympus, I didn't tweak anything, as Olympus is usually noted for the quality of their OOC jpegs.

The only processing I did was noise reduction and sharpening with Neat Image. I used the same setting for all images.

Camera A 1

Camera B 1

Camera A 2

Camera B 2

Camera A 3

Camera B 3

Camera A 4

Camera B 4

Camera A 5

Camera B 5

Camera A 6

Camera B 6

Note: I'll create a reply noting which camera is which and what settings I used after a sufficient time has passed.

The two cameras are too close to call, and I can't tell which is Olympus and which is Panasonic.
4.7% 10  votes
Camera A is Olympus and Camera B is Panasonic.
48.8% 104  votes
Camera A is Panasonic and Camera B is Olympus.
46.5% 99  votes
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