Nikon and Sony to show Medium Format Cameras at Expo

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Re: Nikon and Sony to show Medium Format Cameras at Expo

Having shot an 80 mega Pixel Phase one back with Schnider Digitars,  there is simply no substitute for sensor size.  I did that on a photographic course.

If I could get that quality in a 10K package, sign me up right now.

Many folks on that course bought one D800 and one D800e the second they were available.

Some do have that kind of cash saved for a rainy day.

That said, real working pro's have been, and are selling off their 50-80K setups, and I would imagine that has to do with profit .....  and the IQ of the D800.  Give the 80 mpix MF from Nikon at the 10K price point, and they would be lining up!  You really need three lenses a-la fuji to launch the system, wide-ish, normal, and short tele prime, all fast, and fast in the MF world means 2.8.  Give me a Hasseblad adapter and I have a ton of great choices!

As I understand the focusing issue the focus systems used in mirrorless ( Contrast based), while slower are more accurate than Phase detect systems.   Not many MF format shooters covering the Olympics for sports documentary! and that would be one reason to go mirrorless.    Pipe it out wirelessly to a full sized retina display, and you're golden!  No need even to have a PERMANENT screen just like the new sony's. QX ...


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