"Nikon's most lame new DSLR"

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D600s at most, PR disaster

CFynn wrote:

PerL wrote:

Look at DXO marks. The second best sensor you can buy. The best lens system in existence together with Canon. An OVF that is sharper and gives a more natural image than any EVF. An AF system that despite it limitations outperforms any of the new breed of mirrorless cameras. The second most compact FF at an affordable price.

Exacly what is lame?

It is lame that they should have to release a D610 almost exactly the same as the previous D600 less than a year after the D600 release.

Clearly the D610 was released only to deal with the D600 oil/dust "issue". It is lame that they didn't catch that problem earlier and have ever only indirectly admitted it.

Sure the D600 is a great camera when it doesn't have that problem. The D610 is only what people expected when they bought the D600.

When I called the rumored camera a D600s many cried foul, I was being too harsh and we didn't even know exactly the specs. Well, I've learned to trust NR when they publish specs, it's 99% right. This actually is not an "s", even, at most a camera with a corrected flaw plus a firmware update. Despite being a great camera, it's a PR disaster, it surely is, I just can't believe Nikon has ben this inept. Something isvwrong with Nikon.

That said, i'll wait 6 months to try one, and may eventually get it, but surely the excitement is not with Nikon these days.

PS: I posted the Spanish site announcement believing it was fake, since it did not mention improved sealing and just the new silent mode, but they were right, it was legit.

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