Making a superzoom for a compact is easy, but for a DSLR, it's hard?

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Re: Doubtful that glass cost is the issue

Leandros S wrote:

As John1940 points out, you can get zoom lenses with a lot of glass in them for a very affordable price. So I don't think the production of lens elements actually enters into the original question in a big way.

Well your simply wrong about that as many others have pointed out, you've had your answer, if you want to gain say what everyone is telling you then carry on living in ignorance I suppose.

Even looking at the samples as a DSLR user and owner of some reasonably good lenses, I can see that, say, the SX50 doesn't have major problems with sharpness or aberration. I think the Fujifilm X-S1 was the last superzoom bridge camera that some people said was a bit soft (with the exception of the HX300V, which presumably slightly outresolves its lens - forgivable given the 20MP resolution).

I think that's very telling, the X-S1 both had a larger sensor to build a lens for and was priced more highly meaning expectations were that much greater.

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